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Random variable and settings changes

Has anyone but me experienced random variable or settings changes over the past 8-10 months? I run Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. I have two BricsCAD installations on my machine, V17.2.08 and V19.2.07. Both are experiencing the problems. (I only run one at the same time.) First it was problems losing all the tools in the quad. The support group tried, but could not figure out how to restore the quad. This caused me to switch back to V17. Then I started having problems with snap settings changing at random. Tool bars turning off, or missing tools. Ribbon turning on. (I hate it and never use it.) Sheet metal parameters becoming frozen. (Had to go back to V17 because I could not alter K-Factor, bend radius, etc.) View or rendering settings have changed. Did you know there is a variable that will remove the threads from fasteners? That got set all by itself. This week, an old bug returned. Double clicking on a file in the windows file manager, causes TWO instances of BricsCAD to start up, rather than open a second window. We have up to date anti-virus software. The IT manager insists there is nothing wrong with the server. (I store the customization file and on our server so they will be protected. We never have had a problem with that before.

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