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What is XRC error?

I got the following error when I create a new Draft dawing. BricsCAD v20.1.06 Windows

1:10:08 PM: XRC error: XRC resource "BMP_16_HATCHGRIPEDIT_ADD" (class "wxBitmap") not found
1:10:08 PM: XRC error: XRC resource "BMP_16_HATCHGRIPEDIT_REMOVE" (class "wxBitmap") not found


  • It is something due to newly implemented tools in the V20 user interface, if you start from a default profile with V20 you shouldn't see the issue. When I came across it the only solution was to start from scratch by re-customizing my user interface and settings - not ideal as I have a lot of customizations that I have been using for years but I was at least able to get going.

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