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How to make components size together?

I have a cabinet with a width parameter. I have a drawer component (also with a width parameter) that needs to size along with the cabinet component after being inserted inside the cabinet. So if I change the cabinet width, the drawer will also change by the same amount. What is the preferred method for doing this? I've tried a few methods with no success.


  • Create a parameter in the model, then use this parameter to define the width of the cabinet and the drawer.

  • Thanks I'll give that a try. So when inserting the drawer component, I have the option of assigning the parameter from the main model?

  • Exactly. In the attached model sit 4 windows. I created the H parameter in the model (done in the Mechanical Browser panel), then I selected the four windows and in the Properties panel I set the H parameter of the windows to the main H parameter (yes the main parameter can have the same name as the component's parameter). When you change the valaue of H (main parameter) in the Mechanical Browser panel all windows are updated.

  • Excellent- thanks

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