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IFC export

I have created a simple drawing using BIM profiles and then exported to an IFC file using both IFC types (IFC2X3 file & IFC4). I used BIMIFY prior to the export.

I then opened each IFC file in Navisworks and expected to see the BIM data attached (e.g. profile size, length, mass, volume etc) to each profile, however this is not the case.

Can someone explain how I should go about getting that data exported as well. It works on other IFC files from different packages when their files are exported.




  • maybe you have to checked "base quantities" on setting IFC export

    1066 x 281 - 41K
  • ^ Tip

    In Settings : Configure Settings Dialog
    You can define the Text color of modified Settings to a kind of
    Bricscad CI blue, which will work in bright and dark mode.

  • Thanks 'embotbot'

    that does give me the quantities I am looking for i.e. 'length' 'volume' etc.
    Unfortunately it doesn't give me the "PROFILE SIZE' which is what I am also looking for.

  • I tried to test your file and for profile size it can be Showed on Bricscad V20.
    Maybe you can set "BIMPROPERTIES" to set IFC 2x3 must be cheked.


  • embotbot,
    thanks for the reply however the original question related to exporting an IFC file and being able to see the properties in the Navisworks Property tree.
    By checking the base quantities in the settings, I am now able to see those values in Navisworks however the PROFILE SIZE still doesn't seem to be exported into the Navis properties tree.

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