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no zoom after point select

For example: when I draw a line from a point, I cannot zoom out with the mouse wheel to another place.
Can I set it up so that it is possible?


  • You should be able to do that. The ZOOMWHEEL and ZOOMFACTOR variables control which direction and how fast the wheel zooms, but I don't know of any setting to turn it off. Maybe your mouse software has a setting that affects Bricscad?

  • Hello ,
    I'm using a Apple magic mouss on a Macbook pro .The zoom function works fine until I select a point to draw a line.When I start to draw the line I'm no loger able to zoom with the magic mouse until I make a left click.
    With a normal logitech mouse this works fine.
    Im using bricscad V20 for mac Beta , but this was also the case in V19.
    Kind regards.

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