Line perp to line

Is there a snap-based procedure to pick a point on a line and draw another line away, perp to the first line?


  • Yes you can. See attached animated gif: I have Polar and Strack ON. Esnaps Midpoint and Perpendicular are ON.

  • The perpendicular Snap ?
    (I have that always on)

    But I think you mean a new Line that doesn't even touch the base line ?
    So anywhere in space but just perpendicular to the base line ?

    If so I would go from the initial point, reaching and P-snap the base line
    and change their length afterwards (graphically or by properties).

    But since V20, DUCS works for 2 Elements too.
    So you can align DUCs and lock it with SHIFT first,
    then snap your first point and draw the line in POLAR along the
    perpendicular axis.

  • Works nicely at least from V18 .
    to draw a line pick a point , choose your snap, touch the line you want the snap to apply to, move the cursor until it gets a snapline.
    works for both parallell and perp.

    Snap.gif 431.9K
  • Thanks boys - yes since asking the question the Perp-based was has been magically working for me too - have yet to explore the DUCS based solution

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