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Layerdirector for BricsCAD

edited December 2019 in LISP Codes

Is it possible to run this in BricsCAD?
My attempts failed

; Lisp processing cancelled
C:_Data....\user\LayerDirectorV1-9.lsp loading failed.

Would be very welcome to get this started.


  • Hi Hans,

    I have this working in V20 (Windows), the only problem I have is keeping it loaded as V20 keeps switching some of my lisps off.

    I load it through my on_doc_load.lsp and in appload.

    When I say loaded, Lee has incorporated an LDON and LDOFF within the lisp and it is this that keeps being turmed off.

    I have an SR going with the issue.

    Can you copy and paste the lisp to the command line and run it in a single drawing to check if it is loading?

    Hope that helps.

  • Right! Something was wrong with a other lisp that caused the first error.
    Fixed it and Layerdirector works great now. I finished it with this call.

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