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Deactivating Standalone License (single license)


I want to deactivate my Standalone license of BricsCAD from my system and transfer it to a new system, i have already revoke the the license in, but Deactivate button is greyed out, how should i enable it and deactivate it.

Manohar Boddu


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    I have the same issue. My laptop died with an academic license stuck on it. I've installed Brics in a new computer and it says that license is already in use. What should I do? Does anybody has an idea? How to deactivate that license?

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    You can free a license from your Apps License Manager.
    I think an internet connection is mandatory.
    And a working System too, of course.

    In case you lost your System,
    then there is only Revoke.
    (1-2 shots (?) before you have to discuss with Support)

    So before larger System or Hardware Upgrades,
    it would be wise to manually deactivate any licenses first.

    Not sure how Academic Licenses work.
    But I think calling Support is always a good idea.

  • Thanks @Michael Mayer, it worked.

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