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vle-entget-m syntax

I've been trying to use vle-entget-m but it is erroring. I am using the following:

(vle-entget-m '((10 . new_center)(40 . new_radius)(50 . angle1)(51 . angle2)) old_arc)

I get this error message:

; ----- Error around expression -----
; '((10 . NEW_CENTER) (40 . NEW_RADIUS) (50 . ANGLE1) (51 . ANGLE2))
Error: bad argument type <(10 . NEW_CENTER)> ; expected at [vle-entget-m]

Any direction on how to properly format this line would be appreciated.


  • Dear Martin,

    best, to have a look in recent "Lisp Developer Support Package" :-)
    It is documented there ....

    just an example :
    (vle-entget-m '(8 62 39) entity)
    returns '((8 . "LayerX")(62 . 4)(39 . 0.0))

    Or do you mean (vle-entmod-m) ?

    (vle-entmod-m '((8 . "LayerX") (62 . 112) (39 . 2.0)) entity)
    sets the layer to "LayerX"
    sets the ACI colour index as 112
    sets the elevation as 2.0

    hope thi sclarifies a bit ?
    Merry Christmas :-)

  • Torsten,

    Merry Christmas!

    Yes, I meant (vle-entmod-m).

    When I compare the line I posted (with vle-entget-m changed to vle-entmod-m) to the sample in the developer reference I see no problem with the syntax. The only difference I see is that I am passing variables rather than passing constants. If I split this into four vle-entmod commands the four commands work properly.

  • You are quoting the list. Therefore the variables are not evaluated.

  • Thanks, Roy.

    This works: (vle-entmod-m (list (cons 10 new_center)(cons 40 new_radius)(cons 50 angle1)(cons 51 angle2)) old_arc)

    Perhaps it might be good if the LDSP example was updated to include a handling a variable.

  • Dear Roy - thanks for the hints, indeed I overlooked that detail :-)

    Dear Martin,

    but that notation is standard Lisp anyway - if quoted, then plain values are taken, if variables are used in list construction, then the (list) or (cons) functions must be used (as Roy mentioned) ... same as for (entmod) anyway :-)

    but yes, I will update the samples in LDSP ... from time to time, I make that same mistake myself :-)

    have a great time everyone !

  • Thanks, Torsten.

    I don't do much programming anymore and it is easy to forget even basic syntax.

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