dynamic adaptive model

Hi community,

has anyone experience with dynamic adaptive modelling in BricsCAD?
I want to create a dynamic adaptive model of a bridge.

For that I have one or more 2D sketches (the bridge cross-section) and
four splines (the axis, left and right roadside, bridge substructure). Then I extrude the sketches along the four splines.
1. I need a dependence between the sketch and the extruded solid.
--> So when I adjust a parameter of the sketch the solid also takes on the new shape.
2. And I need a dependence between the path (splines) and the extruded solid.
--> So when the path (for example a spline) changes the course the solid takes on the new course.

I know that BricsCAD is a direct modeling CAD. But maybe there is any possibility to realize my intention..?
(Whether in the workspace BIM or mechanical; with sketches, profiles, components, ...; or Grasshopper)

In the attachment there are three picture to visualize my description.




extruded solid:


  • Roy Klein Gebbinck
    edited January 2020

    As @Michael Mayer explained in one of the other topics you have started (link) your goal is not the intended workflow. But, having said that, it is not impossible. A reactor based program, f.e. using the Lisp API, can probably be created. Of course you will need some programming experience to pull this off.

    BTW: Please do not post the same issue multiple times.

  • Thank you @Roy Klein Gebbinck. I have basic programming experience in VB.NET. Is it also possible to do it with VB.NET?
    And could you please explain the workflow that I need for my goal?

  • In your shoes I would first do some research.

    Determine how much time it costs BricsCAD to generate this solid (which looks to me to be the result of a _Loft operation). If it takes more than a few seconds then that would raise serious questions as to the usability of your application. No user wants to wait 5-10 seconds after changing a single point of one of the base entities.

    Check if the API of your choice has the methods and features required to create your model.

    Do an internet search f.e.:
    autocad vb.net reactor event 3D loft
    Analyze some code examples. Writing your application will not be easy and probably require above average skills. Creating a 'non-dynamic' application where the user has to click a button or issue a command to update the model would be much easier.

    Send in a Support Request to the Bricsys team. Maybe there are some new V20 features that I am unaware of.

  • OK thank you. So I will do some research first

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