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Where is bimanalyticalmodel command?

In the video demonstration of bricsys bim V20 at bricsys 2019 conference a command to gulf and check an analytical model was show. - it was called BIMANALYTICALMODEL. I do not see an explanation of that anywhere in the help system and it is not included in the command bar, what happened to this feature and is it going to be released in future version?


  • Hi,

    This feature has not made it to the final V20 release. It is now being beta-tested with some partners and we hope to release it somewhere in 2020, possibly with the V21 release.

  • Ok this would be a great feature, Will one be able to take an ifc model of objects, allow bricsys to determine the axis of the member and then run the ankyrical tool to auto generate a wire frame? Ability to work directly with objects and then generate a good wire frame would be a game changer
  • That is exactly what it is intended to do

  • Hi tslewis71,

    The first release version will enable you to generate a wire frame on the fly using the BIMANALYTICALMODEL command and allow you to export it as either IFC or CIS/2. Would that suit your needs?

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