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.NET API - sections


I'm trying to obtain a section of 3d solid via .net api, and some things do not go as planned. I use GenerateSectionGeometry method of Section object. Things work well for boundary curves and hatches, but there is a problem with e.g. background entities. I'd expect to get geometry in the background as lines/arcs etc. (generally 2d objects). Instead of that, a solid trimmed by section plane is returned.

Not sure if it's on BricsCAD's or my side. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Hi Roles,
    I can confirm your problem description !
    I have used a C# Routine found at
    to reproduce the problem . You can create a 2D, 3D or a LiveSection.
    According to your problem description, you are generating a 2D Section of a Solid Object.
    In Autocad 2020 the generated 2D section (on the right) contains boundary curves, hatches and background entities.
    In Bricscad 2020 the generated 2D section (on the left) contains only boundary curves and hatches, not the background entities
    and produces a trim Solid Object !
    So i assume this is a bug and suggest to submit a support request !
    I will research the matter.....
    I attach the DWG for testing purposes.

    924 x 457 - 84K
    1119 x 513 - 106K
  • Hi Konstantin,

    Thank You for Your reply.
    As for support request - done that, and got an answer today. Turns out it's a known issue. For now suggested workaround is to go for C++ or use P/Invoke.

  • Hi Roles,
    thanks for informing me about the state of the problem , go for C++ from C# is like going to the dentist....not a good deal for me, anyway
    I would be interested to see the code using P/Invoke, if you have put something together or get something from a third party

  • Hi Konstantin,

    Yeah, it's not my strong suit either. I'll let You know if I find something.

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