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Hatch issue (missing DOTS in install ?)

Hi there

I noticed that when i use matchproperties the default "DOTS" pattern changes into the unlogical ANSI.
This is probably due to the fact that it is DWG coming form AutoCAD that has a default pattern called "DOTS" in its install
When i use this in BricsCAD, the pattern looks ok. No .pat file in current directory needed,
However, when you use MA the pattern will not be used because, Seem logic as by default BricsCAD has pattern called DOTS1 and DOTS2.
So It changes into ANSI. (?!)

  • Why doesn't have BricsCAD a default DOTS
  • When i used this getpat lisp all works fine but there really should not need to be as default for AutoCAD users who liked their DOTS :pensive: -
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  • Hi Hans,

    I had a similar situation with the missing DOLMIT pattern. I still happen to have the ACAD.PAT file and opening it with my text editor (TextPad)
    and copied the chunk of code from there and pasted it into the DEFAULT.PAT file in BricsCAD.

    The code for DOTS from AutoCAD is:

    *DOTS, A series of dots
    0, 0,0, .03125,.0625, 0,-.0625

    Find your DEFAULT.PAT file and open it with a text editor and paste this code after the DOTGRID pattern. Save the file (ensure it did not save as DEFAULT.PAT.TXT) and launch BricsCAD again. DOTS should now be in your Hatch list.

    I hope this resolves your situation,

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