New AutoCAD AutoLISP Extension for VS Code

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Seems they are waking up! Thanks to BricsCAD I guess!


  • Maybe a better editor debugger but still no significant improvements to the language (like transactions or graphical form design) true?

  • I don't know - let's wait for the new AutoCAD 2021 and see the changes.

  • There are actually two different plug-ins for VS Code. One is officially endorsed by AutoCAD (I think? I might be wrong here however) and the other was created previously by someone else independently. From what I recall at least one didn't support DCL... Or I completely missed something (being new to VS Code). I tried it out and it definitely isn't a replacement for BLADE. Aside from the DCL (maybe there's support for it) there is no convenient way to load your code into the program on the fly like you can do in BLADE (I think... I haven't used BLADE yet) or VLIDE. I tried them both as well as a plug in for Notepad++ and none of them are a replacement for BLADE or VLIDE. Also, I don't know which ones are actually able to compile the code.

  • As far as I know, there are 2 VS Code plugins : from ZWCAD and from Autodesk, each for their respective CAD system;
    not exchangable (as debugging requires the intended AutoCAD resp. ZWCAD target ... so the ZWCAD VS code plugin can not be used for AutoCAD and vice versa).

    I tried the Autodesk VS code plugin ...
    mainly, it is just the cheap way for Autodesk to provide a VLIDE replacement for their AutoCAD MAC :-)
    From functionality - not even at the level of VLIDE, no DCL support, and not any special AutoLISP function; just syntax coloring for AutoLISP language
    (and if I recall correctly, also no AutoComplete or any other advanced editing stuff, just plain VS Code standard editing functions).

    So it looks pretty nice visually (and tons of standard VS Code design plugins available), but as editor or debugger for AutoLISP ... not worth to mention :-)

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