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I am wondering what would be the best way to create drawings from a 3d model. I am new to 3d and the current way I have been creating drawings can be a pain because when I add a component to the model I have to redo all of my sections and re-annotate everything.

This is the way I have been creating my drawings:

  1. In model space I execute viewbase command
  2. It brings me into paperspace I set the views
  3. One I have my elevations from model I then use the viewsection command in paperspace to get all required sections.
  4. annotate sections and elevations
  5. send the drawing to client
  6. client adds things
  7. redo steps 1-5 because I do not know how to update existing sections in paper space to show added part.

Is there a way that I can go about either updating the existing sections, or are there other ways to go about detailing drawings. My clients are always changing things, and would like to find a faster way.



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