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large project (360 apparments)

hi everybody

We are looking for a 3d program to design 360 apartments in several connected houses with a two story and sloped parking. The apartments are quite individual and there is not much of a repetition. Since the topography is not flat it doesn’t make any easier for a continuous house.
We want to control the overall project in 3d and generate the sections, elevations and plans from it (as a whole and not individual connected together). We want to do this in different phases (SD and CD documents).
The bricscad tutorials I’ve seen as far on the internet they treat always quit small projects with a low level of complexity and detailing and they assemble individual, very simple, different projects together. In order to develop the schematic design and construction documents further there will be a lot of data for the huge project.

Therefore, I am wondering:

if bricscad is a feasible software for that size of a project?
if the time for zooming, generating plans and so on is just not handy?
if professional construction documents in architecture can be produced with this software?
is another software like Archicad or Revit more suitable for large projects?

Thanks a lot for any honest opinion and advises?



large project.pdf


  • I think Revit can deal with very large projects.
    Not sure about Archicad.
    I think in Bricscad you work by dividing the project into
    smaller parts by referencing. Also using Blocks for
    any repetitive objects.
    I think Bricscad can deal with a large amount of Solid Geometry,
    but can pretty slow down when Mesh Geometry or 3D Faces
    are involved.

  • Thank you for the answer. I will try.......

  • I think creating plans should be on the better side,
    as you can activate multi-threadding for these and some other tasks.
    Archicad also uses multi-threading and updates all plans in the
    background automatically, as an option.
    Generally, depending on complexity, generating plans can take quite
    some time in any (?) BIM App.

    But I hope more experienced people with complex projects will chime in ...

  • Bricsys has superb online help and tutorial files.

    Please see this excellent article, I didn’t know about the multi thread option

    Multi-Threading Flags (MTFLAGS) Settings
    Turn Multi-Threading Flags on to allow BricsCAD to split tasks across multiple cores and process in parallel. MTFLAGS can make opening and editing BIM and IFC files much, much faster.
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