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shape: what is the last version? Where to download?

edited February 2020 in Shape

I have an installed shape since about one year, Version 19.2.06 (x64) revision 61033
I want to know which is the actual last version available for Windows 64bit. There is absolutely no information about the version numbers on the bricsys shape website.

Where can I download it?
If I click on "download shape" in the website of shape, I get a file called "Bricscad V20". The same, if I click the "update" menu in Shape.
I don't understand what I should do with Bricscad instead of Shape.


  • There is no more extra Shape download package since V20.
    Shape is included in a single Bricscad V20 package now.

    Download, install it.
    When you start you will see a screen to choose from all Bricscad versions.
    You can start from any version you have licensed,
    (Shape only in your case)
    and can 30 day try or buy/upgrade all versions you haven't licensed
    from there too.

  • Thank you!

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