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BricsCAD V20 closed automaticaly with segfault on click "Manage Custom Sizes"

When I click "Manage Custom Sizes" on "Page Setup Window" BricsCAD closed automaticaly with segfault at 6c8 ip 00007fda1a06c29c sp 000055ebfd5d25f0 error 4 in[7fda18dbb000+227d000]

Instalation is fresh Ubuntu 18.04.3 and fresh BricsCAD V20 x64, HW new Dell Latitude 5401 that is fully and official supported by OS.

How to change margin sizes of paper another way ?

Zrzut ekranu z 2020-02-18 12-13-57.png
878 x 717 - 113K


  • I reported this as SR 98729 roughly two weeks ago.
    The bug has been confirmed, and no workaround has been proposed so far.
    Manually editing the respective file looks pointless, since .pc3 files are binary and (to my knowledge) undocumented; copying a pc3-file from a previous version did not work for me either.
    Taking into account a number of other severe regressions, my conclusion is that V20 cannot be regarded as production-ready on Linux for the moment.

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