Xlines won't Polar when snap Perp is set

Tom Foster
edited February 2020 in 2D Drafting

Is this some new behaviour? I customarily fire polar Xlines through juctions where lines meet or intersect in say a building measured survey plan drawing, where all lines are at odd angles, often just a degree or two off-rectilinear.

It now seems that if snap Perp is set, the Xline often won't snap to create itself at the desired polar angle but instead aligns itself with or Perps itself to one of the existing lines. If snap Perp is not set, all is well, but I'm used to keeping Perp set by default.

Am I missing something?


  • I'm not sure why it's only Perp snap giving trouble, but the behavior sounds like you may have the new Dynamic UCS feature activated: "DUCS on other entities" (i.e., entities other than 3D faces).

    If that's the culprit, you can toggle it off by right clicking the DUCS button on the status bar, or turn DUCS off altogether. Or, I recently found a handy trick to this new feature: hitting the shift key will temporarily lock the current UCS until your next selection. So, you could hit shift after you start your Xline or other command, but before you put your cursor too close to any odd-angled entities. A little blue square and padlock show up on the UCS icon to let you know it's locked.

    With this new DUCS, you can even "pick up" the orientation of one target line by positioning your cursor near it until the crosshairs rotate, hit shift, and then go draw or snap to any other entity and the polar tracking, etc. will all work in reference to the temporary UCS until that next command ends.

  • Actually, I have DUCS off - but thanks for the v clear alert to interesting new stuff, to be explored.

  • Tom Foster
    edited March 2020

    Simple solution - at last - In Settings>Polar mode, turn Relative off.

    Now the Xline's Polar angle isn't drawn relative to any slightly off-angle existing entity that the start point is snapped to. So snap Perp can stay on - it wasn't that.

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