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Setting how far back zoom previous goes

Currently "zoom previous" only goes back a relatively few numbers of pickbox movements. Is there a setting that will allow the function to go back farther?


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  • edited February 26 Answer ✓

    I don't think there's any way to increase the number of views you can zoom_previous to. A search of the Settings dialog for the word "previous" doesn't turn up anything.

    But any time there's a particular view you think you might want to return to later, you can save it with the S option of the -VIEW command, and return to it with the R option of the same command. I used to keep two custom commands for quickly saving and returning to a view: -view_s_1 and -view_r_1.


  • So although I cannot go back like I want to, the S option and the R option can come in very handy. Thanks for suggesting it. I see using that in the future.


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