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Hi all,

I'm a freelance CAD designer and I'm evaluating BricsCAD to hopefully purchase a subscription. Recently, my projects have been for a custom cabinet maker and I start with constructing 3D models. From there, use VIEWBASE to generate 2D production drawings that go out to the shop. I've used AutoCAD since version 1.2 and my evaluation of BricsCAD is showing promise.

However, there are some differences that I'm noticing on the 3D side of things and have to wonder if there is a setting that I'm missing. One key function I'm missing is on the Properties panel for 3D Solids. I'd like to be able to alter the width, length, and height settings from there like I can in AutoCAD. Instead, BricsCAD gives me Mass data which is unnecessary for what I do.

So is there a setting I'm missing that can give me access to geometric data as opposed to mass?

Thanks in advance,
-Bob P.

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  • juliek
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    Hi Bob,

    No, you are not missing a setting. We are not able to edit the properties from the Properties Panel, That said, we are able to edit with direct modeling, even **after **the 3D solid has been modified (i.e. slice, union, subtract). In ACAD, once the 3D solid has been modified, you lose that ability to edit the properties.

    In BricsCAD, although you cannot edit the properties, you are able to see different geometry properties, depending on what is selected (i.e. face, solid or edge). This help article explains the different selection modes -

    Hope this helps!
    Julie Keverian


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