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Getting an error using the LISP file TXTBOXWIDTH.lsp

I have a LISP that I used in my old CAD program for years to Shrinkwrap the bounding box of selected MText, but when i run it in BricsCAD i get the following error

Select entities:
Entities in set: 1
Select entities:
; --- LISP : Call Stack ---
; [2].......SETHANDLES <<-- ; ; --- Error around expression --- ; (ASSOC 75 0) ; ; error : bad argument type <0> ; expected at [assoc]

I'll attach the LISP file, Thanks


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    Assoc expects an element in an associated list along with a list to search. the "0" in (assoc 75 0) is a number, not a list.

    On line 116 try changing
    (subst (cons 75 0) (assoc 75 0) lst)

    (subst (cons 75 0) (assoc 75 lst) lst)

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V20 Ultimate
    CAD Concepts


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