[SOLVED] How to select the direction when extruding to limit inside a sphere?

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Let suppose I create a hollow sphere, and want to extrude a sketch inside it limited to the sphere.
It appeared that the scketch is extruded in an arbitrary direction and I could not find how to switch the direction. I obviously tried with UCS inversed Z axis without success.

Here is after the extrude operation with "L" and selecting the inner sphere:

In this simple case, it does not make a huge difference, but when the "hollow sphere" become more complex, it is not always symmetric.


  • What if you initially Extrude just a bit and "Connect to Nearest" after ?
    OK, one extra step.

  • I am not sure I can "Connect to Nearest" in "Mechanical" design: This seems to be a BIM option, and even if I do have BIM, it does not seems to apply to solids of Mechanical workbench. At least I could not find how to do it.

  • Roy Klein Gebbinck
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    When using the _Limit option of the _DmExtrude command the direction of the extrusion is determined by the normal of the polyline, circle or face.
    It does not seem to matter how you position the cursor or where you select the target face.

    If the normal points in the wrong direction you can achieve the desired result by first creating a temporary extrusion in that wrong direction, and then using the bottom face of that extrusion as the base for the correct extrusion.

  • @Escain said:
    I am not sure I can "Connect to Nearest" in "Mechanical" design: This seems to be a BIM option,

    Connect to Nearest is an option of the TConnect command, which is available in the Mechanical license level.
    See https://help.bricsys.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012616754-TConnect

  • Escain
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    Hello :-)

    Both solutions worked:

    Thank you for your help.


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