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Changing the layer of a base view

Hi all,

Is it possible to change the layer of a base or projected view?

I have a 3D model and I've generated an elevation view using VIEWBASE. I've also created a projected top view. From that top view, I create a section so I can get an elevation section. With the elevation section created, I no longer need the original base view displayed. In AutoCAD, I'd normally select the original base view and change it to a layer that is turned off. But, in BricsCAD I can't select the base view as an object; only its border. And, turning off the BM_Visible layer turns off all the views.

Is what I want to do possible?



  • The answer is Yes. Tech.Support @ BricSys offered two solutions that put me on the right track.

    Solution #1 - Place the base view outside the paper sheet.
    This works if you're plotting directly to a printer/plotter, however my output avenue is publishing to PDF files. To make this option work, you need to create a custom VIEW of your sheet size and use that as the Plot Area setting instead of the default 'Extents'.

    Solution #2 - If you really want to hide the base view - select the drafting viewport for the base view. In the properties panel, under the Misc section change the "On" setting to 'No'. This will hide the base view content.

    I opted for your second suggestion. The section views I needed remained visible while the base view disappeared. That works for me.

    Hope this helps.

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