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Ribbon resizes with Toolbar Size

Loaded the latest version 20.2.03 last week....
Problem is that the Ribbon Text/Size was the same as the Menutext and did not change when toolbar size was selected.
Now when you select large toolbars, the toolbars get larger but SO DO THE RIBBON BUTTONS. The Ribbon is too big, compared to the menutext at the top which does not change.
Is there a setting to control the ribbon size????


  • I noticed that too.
    Do you also use a 4k screen with HiDPI scaling ?

    And I think the difference between small/medium/large Icons is too big.

  • Have also noticed that the text size in the toolbar "controls" for color linetype, layer and in the ENTITY PROPERTIES toolbar are way too big too.

    Note to BricsCAD....
    These should match the text size of the Window Text at the top of the program window, and the same as the Workspace menu bar at the top.
    By not matching it looks very "unprofessional", and definitely out of proportion.

  • Hello David,
    have you made a support request for this problem?

    I also think that the ribbons icons and the toolbox icons should not be adjusted together.


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