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Materials having annotative hatches

I am searching for the options to make hatches work annotative in generated sections.
Is this possible?

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  • Sorry to distract,
    as I don't know the solution.

    But when I looked your screen shot I was shocked how bad the
    dark mode works in this case. The contrast of the Window top bars
    destroys everything and distracts from actual content.

  • Sometimes this line between viewport is gone also.

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  • ^ noticed that in the past with Mac Versions too.
    But didn't use multiple view panes since years.

    But for your initial question,
    can you elaborate a bit what you mean by hatches
    in physical materials should "work annotative"

  • @Hans Lammerts said:
    I am searching for the options to make hatches work annotative in generated sections.
    Is this possible?

    what exactly do you want to achieve? The hatch scale is set by the section scale so 2 sections with a different scale on one layout should have the same hatch appearance.

  • Change of scale leads to different hatching.
  • To have different Hatches depending on scale ?
    Like for standard plans, details, overviews ?

    Or according to new feature of LOD.

    I tested only a little bit,
    but my approach was always to get some simplified look in
    Sections without any Hatches, just black or gray color fill.
    I tried to play with Section Properties and in Material Settings.
    But wasn't able to avoid Hatches for cutting areas at that time.

    Could Section Style edits help in your situation ?

  • No not LOD or any of that.
    I would like to have the ability to use multiple viewports on the same generated section.
    I order to do so the hatches should be annotative. The same old principle like texts and dims.

  • Hi Hans this is indeed not possible with the same sectionblock. A new section on another scale has to be made to obtain this.

  • Ok Piet, Thanks for confirming the limitation.
    I do not understand why a generated section can't have a annotative hatch definition.
    Its sound like a 'missing tickbox' to me

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