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[SOLVED] How to work with an array of solids?

edited July 18 in 3D Modeling

Hello :-)

I am trying to make an array of solids and apply boolean operations with other solids. Let explain my case, it will be more clear:

Following image represents a number of rings in an angular array:

And this picture shows where the array goes in a more complex component:

Having the array of solids is fine until I need to:

1) Export it to stl for 3d-printing / prototyping
2) Combine it with the other (e.g. boolean operation)

Exporting to STL only works for other solids: I could not get the array exported.
Also, boolean operations forbid me to include the array.

I searched on internet for a way to convert the array to a solid, or how to make boolean operations with arrays... no luck.

What is the proper solution in this case? It seems doable to create the objects one by one instead of using Array, but that does not seems efficient.

445 x 443 - 24K
615 x 610 - 108K


  • You can explode the array into solids.

  • 1) you can export meshes and 3d solids only to STL, but not other entities like lines, tables or arrays.....!
    In the command line it is clearly stated

    : STLOUT
    Select 3d solids or meshes to export [selection options (?)]:

    2) You can apply boolean operations to ACIS objects only , like 3d solids and Surfaces not to arrays !
    it is also stated in the command line

    : UNION Select ACIS objects to union [selection options (?)]:

    Select ACIS object to subtract from [selection options (?)]:

    Select ACIS objects to intersect [selection options (?)]:

    I would suggest to copy your solids and arrays , then explode the array in the copy , apply boolean operations to the copy
    and export it to STL. You can change then the original and copy, explode copy, export to STL all the different configurations you want

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