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Chrome OS

Are there any plans to introduce BricsCAD or preferably Shape to the Chrome OS, my daughter changes schools in 18 months, and my son a couple of years after that, it looks like most schools in Nederland are offering kids Chromebooks. With the current situation, I want to start teaching them both just simple things, for me the choice at the moment is BricsaCAD Shape or Autodesk's Fusion 360. But the fixed given is it has to work with the Chrome OS. I'm getting them both Chromebooks to get them used to working with those whilst they are now at home. And I can start teaching them some form of CAD / Designing and 3D printing using my computer to start with but it would seem silly if they can't continue in the future using the Chrombooks (they certainly aren't getting two computers each). But it would be nice to know if there are any plans to introduce Chrome OS versions in the future, or should I start looking at the available CAD programs that do work on Chrome.


  • Perhaps you could install Shape on your Windows computer, and they could use it via Frame? ( I've never tried that, and I might be misunderstanding how it works. It's just something I ran across when I was considering buying a Chromebook.

  • I came across that option, there are a few variations for 'remote access' but that still falls into the 2 computers category plus I couldn't use my computer to show them whilst they are practising so that's at least 5 computers running.
    It looks like you can run Linux in 'developer' mode best done on Intel-based Chromebooks, plus a few other options for windows/Mac emulation. Still, it would be much easier to have native apps and Chrome OS is the way a lot of education is going. And getting them while they young I would have thought is going to set up a trend for life for the software students go on to use as they start working, this is looking to be quite a popular question amongst educators. There only looks to be two CAD programs offered on Chrome OS at the moment.

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