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Faulty colors in exported files

I've been trying to export some 3D models to STEP and 3D PDF. The STEP export is extremely slow and produces a very big file - at least three times the size of the *.DWG. Both exports have false colors. It seems to be random. If I export a model that uses black in 5 places, I'll see grey on two or three of the five on the exported file. Sometimes the color orange is represented by blue grey on the export. The same is true of the 3D PDF, although the colors do not match those of the STEP file. At first I thought the problemwas due to the use of "True Color" as opposed to an index color for some of the objects. But a test revealed that wasn't the problem. Then I thought my use of the "Color Faces" tool, was the issue. But it doesn't matter if the face or whole solid is colored. The exported color is frequently wrong.

Has anyone else had this issue with Communicator?


  • Hmmh,

    I don't use communicator,
    but I noticed that my colours are completely off for IFC exports.
    And AFAIK, exporting DWGs back and forth between Vectorworks
    and Bricscad, colors are also pretty much off, no matter if Acad
    tables or true colour setting used.

  • Thank you Michael. Then it's not just me. ... I've had so many problems with Communicator I may ask the management to buy me another conversion program when it is time to renew our license.

    Keep safe!

  • Support group told me today that the color issue is fixed in V20. Even though I first reported this issue on May 11th, 2018, (SR 85255), they will not post a bug fix for earlier versions. My PC has limited horsepower. Every new major version eats more resources. Would rather not upgrade...

  • OK,
    so I have to try DWG exports again. I use V20 only for quite some time
    but my last export may have been even before V20 (?)

  • I'd be interested in what you find out. My export was a circuit board model with dozens of components of all different colors. Maybe the quantity of parts was the problem.

  • I have confirmed that V20 exports the 3D PDF and STEP files with the same colors as I selected inside BricsCAD. Due to limited drive space and horsepower I'd rather not install V20 on my home computer. Then too, I think it has a lot more bugs than V17 and V19. But I'm supposed to be working from home during the epidemic, so I will have to do this eventually.

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