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Moving VBA Application to c# - AutoCADEntity Array

I'm trying to bringt this VBA code to c#:

    Dim Segments(1 To 12) As AcadEntity
    Dim MP1
    Dim P1, P2
    '1. set center point MP1
    MP1 = ThisDrwaing.Utility.PolarPoint(EP, radians(90), D2half + radius)
    '2.  draw an arc with given Values and add it to Segments array position 1
    Set Segmente(1) = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddArc(MP1, radius, radians(-90), radians(-halfOpeningAngle))
    '3. get the Start Point of the drawn arc stored in Segments 1
    P1 = Segmente(1).StartPoint
    '4. get the End Point of the drawn arc stored in Segments 1
    P2 = Segmente(1).EndPoint

How far I've come so far:

    //1. set center point MP1
    Point3d MP1 = new Point3d(0, 0, 0);
    MP1 = PolarPoint(öv_EP, radians(90), d2half + radius);

    //2.  draw an arc with given Values and add it to Segments array position 1
    //Create entity array for 12 entities first. I need this to be able to mirror all the 12 entities to draw the final structure.
    Teigha.DatabaseServices.Entity[] Segmente = new Entity[12];

    //store an arc in Segements[1]
    Segments[1] = new Arc(MP1, radius, radians(-90), radians(-halfOpeningAngle))
    //Draw the Arc
    using (Transaction action = manager.StartTransaction())
                BlockTable blockTable = action.GetObject(database.BlockTableId, OpenMode.ForRead) as BlockTable;
                if (blockTable == null)
                    throw new System.NullReferenceException("blockTable == null");

                BlockTableRecord blockTableRecord = action.GetObject(blockTable[BlockTableRecord.ModelSpace], OpenMode.ForWrite) as BlockTableRecord;
                if (blockTableRecord == null)
                    throw new System.NullReferenceException("blockTableRecord == null");

                action.AddNewlyCreatedDBObject(Segments[1], true);

    //3. After the arc is drawn, the entity should have a start and end point, right?

How can I now access the Startpoint of Segments[1] like I marked in the image ?

Bricscad Arc Properties.png
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