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PDFs distorted when opened with SoftMaker FlexiPDF editor

If I print a drawing in BC to PDF, and open the PDF in FlexiPDF from SoftMaker, text is distorted. I'd blame FlexiPDF, but no other PDFs except the ones from BricsCAD are distorted. I can print to PDF from AutoCAD and they're fine, plus others that I download, print from spreadsheet, word processor, etc. There must be factors in both FlexiPDF and BricsCAD because it's only that combination that creates the issue. PDFs from BC look fine in my normal PDF reader (PDF-XChange).

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  • Found suggestions about variables to try in the other thread about text distortion in PDFs, and none of the variable, nor any others that made sense to try helped.

    Seems the problem is specific to SHX fonts, but neither setting of PDFSHXTEXTASGEOMETRY helped the issue. Any thoughts?

  • So the BC PDFs open and look just fine in PDF-XChange Editor. That one even recognizes the plotted SHX-based text as text. If you swipe the mouse over it, it highlights per text line, if you copy and past into another app, the text is correct, etc.

    So I tried printing as a PDF from PDF-XChange using the FlexiPDF print driver, since PDFCX recognizes the text and it still doesn't work. Strange indeed......

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