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problem with Xref color definitions when publishing multiple layouts

hello all -

my project Model-Space contains an Xref (all layers and object in XREF file are set to bylayer).
i want to keep original Xref layers' color in Model-Space (for working), but have them printed in a different defined color.
to do that, i went into every relevant viewport in every layout in the file (there are about 10 layouts), and changed VP color of every XREF layer the to the desired color (50 yellow, in my case).
however - when i launch PUBLISH command in order to publish all layouts into PDFs, only the FIRST layout is published with the desired changed colors of the XREF layers !
In all other layout, the XREF in the PDFs are published as black :s .
Tried publishing all layouts into ONE multi-sheet PDF file - worked fine (all pages in the files have the XREF colors as i wanted/set them).

my conclusion was that only the FIRST object in a set - be it the first layout or the first file) is published according to MY preferences, while all the next remaining answer to a different definition !!

Is it a bug ? am i missing something here ?!

i tried many things, including re-calling Page Setup's Plot-Style-Table - nothing helps.

would love to hear your suggestions.



  • Hi!

    This indeed might be a bug. You could consider submitting a Support Request with Bricsys. To submit a Support request login to your Bricsys account and access this link here: New support request | Bricsys


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