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Copy / Paste dialog redundant in Drawing Explorer

edited April 2020 in Other

Is there a way to bypass the dialog box that pops up when definitions are copied and pasted in Drawing Explorer?

I understand its use when copying into another drawing if a definition with the same name already exists. However, I often create new versions of styles, blocks, etc. by duplicating an existing definition in the current drawing. In which case, "Copy and Replace" to overwrite the same definition makes no sense, and I always want to "Copy, but keep both". And then, usually, to immediately rename the new copy, so it would be nice if the name field were automatically highlighted.

Also, the options "Don't Copy" and "Cancel" seem redundant in all cases. [Roy set me straight on the distinction, e.g., for multiple copies, see below.]

If some users find the Copy / Paste dialog necessary, maybe it could be suppressed via a system variable like Expert.

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  • What if multiple items are copied and the user has not selected carefully? In that case the options you consider redundant do make sense:
    'Don't Copy': Skip this one, I have selected one too many.
    'Cancel': Oops, stop here, this is not going according to plan.

  • Ah, quite right. I'd failed to consider copying multiple items at once.

    Still, in the case of duplicating items within the same file, I'd find it less time consuming to go back and delete extras if I mistakenly select too many, than to have to click through "Copy, but keep both" for each item.

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