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Shape GUI available from Bricscad BIM ? (Wish)

I never use clean UI in Bricscad BIM.
But sometimes for preliminary design I prefer to use Shape over BIM.

Beside that I don't want to to close BIM before being able to reach Shape,
there is also the Problem that Shape would kill any existing BIM content
in my File.

So I am asking to add an additional "Shape" Workspace to choose from inside
Bricscad BIM, just like you can fast switch between BIM, Modeling or Drafting.

Also Shape is very limited, therefore from time to time I would like to temporarily
switch to add a few features from BIM, like access curtain wall, while generally stay
working in Shape GUI.

I really liked the reduced Shape-like BIM Workspace from V19.
80% of working that is enough for me, for the more feature rich rest I like the
V20 Ribbon though.

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