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DGN Import Option

I wasn't very excited about the early import results from DGN Importer.

No matter what settings I tried,
all my Microstation (Smart?) Solids translated as lose Faces.
While a DWG Export from Microstation was nearly lossless.
(Beside missing Materials and Asssignments)

I accidentally tried it again with v20.2.04 on Mac lately.
And not sure if I missed something or did something wrong,
but my latest attempt brought in 95% of my Solids from MS.

So if that is true and there has been some DGN Import maintenance
lately, I just want to say a big :


  • I had the same problem when I imported a DGN from Microstation.
    All the Microstation solids came in as surfaces. I then found out that that if the DGN is saved as a DWG in MS then the Entity mapping options in MS under curved solids and surfaces needs to be set to ACIS Entity (Body or 3D Solid).
    This solved the problem.

    1585 x 1038 - 155K
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