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Negative array distance picked by pointing

I remember when AutoCAD started to recognize negative mouse-picked row and column distances for arrays, it still didn't do it by default, you had to set a variable. I probably need to set that variable in BricsCAD, but I don't remember it nor can I find it in docs. Help anyone?


  • edited April 2020

    Never mind -- the negative distance arraying was a semi-convenient method of sequencing text entities. I use a lisp routine that edits existing text entities into a sequence, optionally preceded with a letter code (iow, "AA1" through "AA53" or whatever). I often want them in order physically, but if I create an array and select all of them as the selection set, the sset is in reverse creation order, so if you array in a positive direction, the sequence is backwards. Workaround - negative direction arrays!

    So instead of trying to rescue my 20-year workaround, I just fixed the problem and had the lisp sort the selected entities by location before renumbering, so now it doesn't care about entity creation order. Damn -- forced to do the job the RIGHT way! (after 20 years)

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