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Changes in .CTB file does not change plot


I need help with my .CTB file. I have been using a .CTB file that I set to my liking years ago (while with AutoCAD). Now I want to change how a color plots. For example, I originally have shading set at 35 for the color green and now I want to change the shading to 100. When I do this the plot results are still coming out shaded. Obviously something else is controlling this. Being new to BricsCAD I need help with this please.

I will be grateful for all suggestions.


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    Update to my previous post. When I made my post I had been working only in model tab. I went to the layout tab and tried it in the viewport and all was well. I then went back to the model tab and it worked as well there now. I did not change a thing, just went from model tab to layout tab and back to model again.
    This is a new computer and a new BricsCAD so I guess I had to wear the new off them.

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