Sample/Example Project

I notice that with Revit they typically include a sample project with each release. Usually these projects are an extremely flattering example of what the program can achieve (I'm also guessing the modelers had an unpractical amount of time to play with the program).

Is there anything similar with BricsCAD, specifically a BIM project?


  • Kind of.
    If you log into 24/7,
    they added some example projects, including the latest Villa File.
    The one from the V20 presentation videos.

    It is basically BIMmed but AFAIK no Project set (?)
    And there are some geometry flaws in it, so not polished
    but helpful though.

  • I can't find it on 24/7 for some reason. I'm also trying to fish a link off one of the YouTube videos but no luck so far.

    A thorough, complete project would be invaluable!

  • Found them thank you! They were in a sub-folder.

    Some projects also appear in the start-up screen in BricsCAD itself.

    It would still be extremely nice to see a fully annotated BIM example. I feel like I'm pioneering if I actually complete an entire project.

  • @KeithsCADServices said:
    Found them thank you! They were in a sub-folder.

    Some projects also appear in the start-up screen in BricsCAD itself.

    It would still be extremely nice to see a fully annotated BIM example. I feel like I'm pioneering if I actually complete an entire project.

    i strongly suggest at the recent Bricsys BIM academy documentation, examples and videos, very good, bricsys is great here

  • BricsCAD BIM Academy -

    You find links to documentation and training files under the video description.

  • Hi guys, thanks for all the useful info. What I was looking for specifically was a fully annotated/completed project. Even a small one (even a micro-home or garden shed), but complete with sheets, full annotations, and well presented 2D/3D views, etc... If my explanation is a bit murky (and you have a bit of free time) I would point you towards the sample projects included within Revit (you can download the trial version if you don't have access to Revit), or the examples on Chief Architect's website. These perhaps took the drafter/modeler (or a team) an impractical amount of time to complete, but they do highlight the pinnacle of what their respective programs can achieve. Any project I've seen with BricsCAD BIM is usually only a partial example; it's really only the tip of the iceberg relative to what the program can do.

    Marketing-wise It would be invaluable for Bricsys to throw something out there.

  • If you navigate to the learn Tab on the home page. There is a Villa for download.
    You can also find more files here:

  • Thanks Hans! Since this post I've settled on using BricsCAD Lite only. Had some quirks with the 3D that unfortunately made it difficult to leverage for my specific needs (not to overshadow that it also did some things very well too). I'm only going to use BricsCAD Lite for the foreseeable future.
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    The request of KeithsCADServices seems to be extremely legitimate because without real exploration and seeing the full potential of the software, Briscad Lite is the only viable use of this software, Revit and ArchiCad are the real player on Bim after that. If BricSys and Hexagon really believe their software is an alternative, they have to start to show us with lots of Sample, Gallery, Library and up to date example with the latest version of Briscad ( in other word Turbo charge their PR) so we can test for ourself from A to Z the credibility of their offering, not just on their price level but as CAD Drawings or Bim Projects!

  • I couldn't agree more. I've been using Bricscad Ultimate package since 2017 for MEP and mechanical, and it has been a difficult journey to get a good workflow together over the years and get the most out of the software. The biggest challenge at work is when a new team member with a revit/solidworks/other background joins, and they make the move to Bricscad is the lack of 'comprehensive' tutorials online specifically in mechanical space.

    Bricscad is a brilliant package, and it's great to see the major development that has taken place over a decade. The move from Schedules to the BOM has significantly improved the workflow. I am looking forward to see what improvements they make on the MEP side because it does seem that not much was done on the MEP side for v23.

    I think if Bricscad wants to get wider adoption, they need to focus on providing comprehensive material in the form of projects, tutorials etc online that cater for more 'advanced' users. It would be great if one day I can mention that our CAD work is done on Bricscad without getting a blank stare back, and then needing to explain who Bricscad is.


    The Rhino and VisualARQ Video Tutorial

    The Villa Savoye full video tutorial for architectural modeling with Rhino and VisualARQ

    This video tutorial guide covers the full process of creating a project of architecture in 3D, from an empty document to the drawing production. The model selected for this tutorial is Le Corbusier’s masterpiece “The Villa Savoye”.

    Plenty of example to follow…. Mind no one can beat Rhino 3d for tutorials!

  • My thoughts exactly. I started using Bricscad V24 a couple of months ago and considering my experience with different BIM and CAD software, it feels sometimes really difficult to get around smoothly in Bricscad.
    The most comprehensive tutorial for Bricscad is a documentation in text. For a CAD/BIM software that is extremely insufficient. The textual explanation has very little to show the power of Bricscad and it takes very long time to find the right information, at times very frustrating because what I need to learn doesn't even exist.
    On the other hand the video tutorials with a few exceptions, are for the users who are beginners to CAD software. Even the BIM academy playlist (which is a good start eventhough it is old), explain things in detail only on a specific example and not the subtleties of the commands being used.
    Another problem with Bricscad is the small community of users that leads to scarce user-made tutorial/instruction/troubleshooting. I wish the team behind Bricscad could check more often in the forum to see what is challenging for the users and maybe compensate for the small size of the community.