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BIM profile units

How do I set the units to inches for, say, rectangular BIM profiles? The units field is not editable in the BimProfiles dialog or in BIM Project Info. See screenshots from two different dwgs, both with INSUNITS = Inches and MEASUREMENT = Imperial.

Weirdly, in the first example dwg showing metric BIM profile units, the profile Size (sometimes) displays values that are 25.4 times the X Dim and Y Dim values in mm, even though a resulting linear solid in model space has the correct size in inches, equal to X Dim and Y Dim divided by 25.4 mm/in.

The second dwg lets me enter profile dimensions in inches, as I want, and displays the profile sizes correctly.

BIM profiles-mm.png
1000 x 606 - 63K
BIM profiles-inches.png
1000 x 606 - 54K


  • For me the Units were strange in Metric Units too.

    When I imported a DWG export into Bricscad and
    did Advanced Bimify, it recognized some of the Profiles.
    Bricscad File was Millimeter Insunits.
    But the Profile Naming (and Units ?) were off by 1:1000
    although the Profile is still ok.

  • I wblocked the model that had metric project units to a new file, in which project info now shows imperial units. In the wblock process I did lose some data, such as BIM spatial locations, maybe other info I've yet to notice..., but at least I am able again to create new profiles sized in inches.

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