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Regarding Profile Compatability between BricsCAD and AutoCAD

We are finding more and more that we are having to maintain compatible configurations across multiple clients, so that all of the end drawings are the same. Especially Pen and Large Format Printer information, even when we all do not have the same printer hardware. Is the Profile Import and Export process compatible between BricsCAD v19 to current AutoCAD Profiles ?

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  • No, AC and BC profiles are not compatible. Furthermore printer and pen settings are not stored in profiles.

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    I have found that the Bricscad has been able to use the same pc3 configurations. Profiles and workspaces I have found they do not export and import well with each other. need to create a separate cui file for Bricscad that I use for AutoCAD.


  • Thank you both for answering this question. I am sure competitive reasons make it difficult for certain items to be cross compatible, but after I had tried several times, before giving up, I figured I had better ask others, who may have run into this before.

    Thanks again.

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