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Sheet Custom Properties missing

Sheet Custom Properties, as defined in a sheetset template .dst (custom or default), fail to be included in new sheets created via Project Browser (e.g., A-1 in attached gif). They do appear properly in sheets created using NewSheetSet (e.g., A-2 in attached gif).

Is there a way to automatically add or copy missing custom property fields to multiple sheets in a project? Linked attribute fields in titleblocks, for example, display "----" if these properties are not populated.

Using BricsCAD Ultimate v20.2.05 on Windows.

286 x 632 - 71K


  • My thanks to the Bricsys support team for its prompt attention to my support request (SR102407), and for providing a workaround with clear instructions, copied below. Following these steps, I am successfully able to view and access custom sheet properties that were previously hidden.

    1. After a sheet is created on Project side > its custom properties will not be displayed (as reported) but they will however be present there.
    2. right click on the SheetSet name (the DST one) > Custom Properties > Sheets;
    3. add a new property (i.e. just pick a name and a value) > Close;
    4. right click again on SheetSet name > Custom Properties > Sheets;
    5. delete the previously created property > Close;
    6. check the sheets created through Project Browser > they should also contain your custom properties.

    As pointed, the custom properties are there but they are not displayed, the above steps act like a manual re-initialization.

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