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Dialog boxes aren't appearing ***Low Priority***

Hi all,

I'm doing a 30 day free trial that's about to expire. Once it expires I will probably take a break from exploring the AC alternatives, hence my 'low priority'.

My current issue is pertaining to dialog boxes. For some commands, no dialog boxes are appearing. Specifically BMINSERT and OPEN. These commands run completely within the command line (no dialog box appears). Other commands function completely normally with the dialog box appearing as expected. Unless you have a photographic memory and can easily memorize full file paths you can probably guess why this is inconvenient.

Most likely a small fix. I'm only asking if anyone knows the solution off hand. Could it be a issue exclusive to the trial version? Who knows.

Thanks all!


  • I don't think this is low priority.

    There are several different kind of options and command feedback in Bricscad that
    can appear at different locations - or not.
    Which all could appear at a smae position and available all the time like in other Apps.

    • there is an Option Icon Menu bottom middle appearing for some Direct Modeling Tools
      to be switched by CTRL key and not click-able
    • there are some Dialog Windows opening for some BIM Tools
    • there is a clickable Prompt Text Menu appearing at one set-able corner of the View Window,
      only when activated in Bricscacd's Settings
    • there is a Command Line for multi letter inputs as Status Bar or expanded as a Terminal Window
    • some functions will still not work or being available without the need of Command Line
    • some functions or options are even hidden under Bricscad Settings

    I really would like to have a more consistent and always available way for such Tool and Command

  • Success! Thanks Roy.

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