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Parametric 3D block?

Hi all,

I've run across a number of threads regarding creating 2D Parametric blocks. Will the parametric functionality work with 3D parts?

For example, I'd like to create a block of a 3D box that has a minimum length of 18" and mounting holes every 3". If the length of the box is extended 6", I'd like two extra holes added automatically. Is that something that's possible, or are the parametric functions strictly used for 2D shapes?



  • You can do this by creating an ARRAYRECT of hole components along the length of your box. The created array is parametric, allowing you to link it to parameters to drive it.

    Regarding minimum length, BricsCAD doesn't allow you to directly apply limits, ranges, increments etc.. to a parameter, but you can create formulae to do so.

    The attached drawing file illustrates both techniques.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V20 Ultimate
    CAD Concepts

    1000 x 540 - 877K
  • Thanks for the information and drawing, Jason.

    I'll look into that more and see what I can do with formulae.

    Best regards,

  • I am curious if it is possible to have the insertion array also be parametric -- in that sometimes it inserts a circle (Cblk) or rectangle (Rblk). And can those inserted be parametric.

    Have spent only a limited time looking at 3D parametric possibilities.


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