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create sheets with the possibility to choose the sections/plans/elevations to be inserted

Hello everyone!!
I've been trying to create the sheets with the sections/plans/elevations of my project but the program creates the sheets as it wishes, creating a sheet for the plans, one for the sections and one for the elevations.
I would like to have the possibility to choose the destination file (the sheet) for any section (sections, plans, elevations), but i can't understand how to change the destination file or if there is a way to create a sheet with the sections i want in it, whether they are a plan, a section or an elevation.

So, my question is: is it possible to create a sheet with sections / plans / elevations all together or simply choose only the plans / sections / elevations that I want in that sheet? or does the program not allow it?



  • Hi Camilla,

    Yes, you can control what sheets the section, plans are placed on.

    From the Sheetset Setup in the BIM Project, click on the Configuration tab.
    Under the Categories section, the “Number From” field is the sheet number that the specifies the destination. For example, by default, Plans might start on 102, Elevations might start on 400, etc. Try changing those sheet numbers by doubling clicking on the number and changing the number.

    If you want plans and sections to be on the same sheet, they would need to have the same number in the “Number From” field.

    The Prefix column controls your sheet prefix and can be edited by double clicking on the existing prefix character.

    Also, you do have control over what sections and elevations are included to generate the sheets with the “Project Section“ property. For the sections or elevations that you do not want to include in your sheet set do the following:

    • Select the section in the model
    • Open the Properties Panel
    • Expand the BIM section of the properties panel
    • Change the “Project section” property from On to OFF.

    Then, they will not be included in your sheetset.


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