Microstation V8 XM export?

I'm ignorant on this, a prospective customer states that one of their requirements is to have their 2D drawings in the
Bentley format. Seems to me they could import Brics files over easier than vice versa?


  • Microstation could always read, or even work natively in, DWG files
    (nearly) lossless since nearly 2 decades.
    But I think Bricscad's DGN import got better with later v20 too.
    Even 3D.

  • Thanks Michael, good to know.

  • Michael Mayer
    edited June 2020

    The problem is that some automotive vendors here ask for true
    Microstation DGN files in their CAD Guides for contractors.
    They refuse DGN Exports.

    They have automated testing routines and send you error reports
    as long as your documents aren't 100% according to CAD Guide
    until they accept them.
    So even offices working on Autocad or other CAD will have
    2-3 Microstation licenses for file conversion.

  • Must have quite a cad budget to afford that. Where I work we're "small fries"
    and doing good just to get Bricscad period must less another program.

    On a side note, back in 2004 when we were searching for a cad package it came
    down to Brics or Microstation. Back then the budget was ultra tight so Brics won
    out obviously. Bentley has quite a product list though.

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