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Load BRX + Template by windows shortcut

Hello everyone,

Based on the rules for opening BricsCAD from the command line, shown in the image below:

I created a windows shortcut that loads a BRX with a template file, as follows:

"C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD V17 en_US\bricscad.exe" /l /t .\FileTemplate.dwt /ld MyArx.arx

Every time I click on the shortcut, I would like to open a new instantiated BricsCAD window, but the second time I clicked on the shortcut, it opens a new drawing in the same window instantiated on the first click.

If I remove the template from the shortcut, it works the way I want it: every time I click on the shortcut, a new instantiated window is opened.

Does anyone know a way to keep the template on the shortcut with the behavior I need?

thank you all,

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