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Advanced Align Command


The attached align lisp is something I wrote a long time ago and it is very helpful from a drafters point of view. Plus it can be used in the block editor environment which is a limitation in AutoCAD and BricsCAD.
Please watch the command prompts until you have trained your muscle memory. The align command works as follows
* The command shortcut is 'AG'
* On selecting entities to align you can hold down 'Shift' and hit 'Enter' to trigger a copy mode
* The esnap / osnap will then be limited to 'Nearest' and 'Endpoint'
* Note that you are able to select the first and second point on the target object first. Later you will select the first and second point on the destination object. This avoids the excessive zooming and panning involved in case of large drawings or zoomed views
* At the destination location you can reuse the 'Shift' key to achieve a 'Mirror' operation as well.
* The code can easily be modified to include the scale command but since I have never had the need for that function it is not part of my code.

Hope others benefit from this code.
Bye now

Ag - Advanced Align Command.mp4
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