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Can anybody explain, how can I assign a Page setup to a Layout?

Via Drawing Explorer, I can import a Page Setup from another drawings.

but from this point I cannot assign this Page Setup to a Layout.

The only way I can use this Page Setup is when publishing.

I want to see this Page Setup assigned to my Layout before publishing it,
I want to see if the setup is correct. To make changes "real time" not after it is published.

I need the PageSetup, to manipulate one Layout and publishing 100, if I don't use a page Setup and I have to change something (like the assigned plot style table, or the position of the plot area etc...), I have to go through 100 Layouts manually...

Do I miss something? Is there a solution?

Best Answer

  • Roy Klein Gebbinck
    edited June 2020 Accepted Answer

    In the Page Setups panel of the Drawing Explorer you can select the page setup for a layout by changing its 'Based on' field. You can also do this for multiple layouts at once.


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