Importing point clouds


I'm using the latest verdion of Bricscad BIM at the moment. and i'm trying to import PTS pointcloud via "pointcloudattach" it kinda works as in it imports something. once its finished i see the normal "not visible in 2d" message.

then i change the visual style and type "regen" but still nothing appears on the screen. if i then draw a line (of about 1cm on the screen) it measures about 1e81mm (1 with 81 zero's).

even if i scale it down to approximatly normal size, i still cant see anything.
has anyone ever had this issue?

i'm using trimble bussiness center to extract a PTS from the raw data.

my apologies for faulty spelling or grammar :)


  • I see the same crazy scale thing every now and then. Try drawing a line in the model view with the command
    LINE 0,0 1,1
    ZOOM and select Extents

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