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I find it hard to believe there's no Stretch-like possibility in 3D Brics.
In 2D I can select ends (or grips) of any number of elements by leftward-box, hit STRETCH - and stretch (or shrink) the ends of all those elements in any desired direction, without altering the topology of the drawing.
Can't that happen in 3D? For example a window - can't I leftward-box to enclose the top ends of the window's verticals, and the whole of its top horizontal, and STRETCH (or similar) to make the window 100mm taller but topology unchanged?
I can do it by selecting all the faces that would be moved complete, one by one, then DMMOVE. I guess what I'm after is to select a whole bunch of such faces by rightward box, instead of one by one.
If not, why is it technically impossible, and what's the recommended way to achieve that? Please don't say 'make everything parametric!


  • Like Fence Stretch in Microstation ?

  • Tab Ctrl to move between solid/face/edge selection:

  • That's awesome. But you had me fiddling with the Tab key - 'dab dab (not tab) on Ctrl' I wd have understood straight away!

  • Wow! Manipulator works on edges, too. It even translates and rotates coplanar edges as necessary to maintain planar surfaces when moving edges or faces into oblique positions!
    I had been wondering how to stretch or manipulate individual vertices of 3D solids. Placing the origin of the manipulator gizmo onto a vertex (or any specific point of interest) gives control to move that point to a precise position by snapping or entering coordinates.

  • I'd forgotten that - the thread is quite a read, a frozen portrait of a moment in history! I certainly didn't grasp the solution then, and so remember it, like I do now - it's magic!

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